Workshop List Live!

It's been hard work! But the final workshop list is up. From our Video & Media Activism Bootcamp on Friday (10/25) through to 11 Saturday workshops and 3 Sunday conversations, we've manage to distill down many great ideas into manageable 90-minute sessions that speak to beginners and/or to general audiences. As you will notice, the conference draws on the wealth of skills and experiences from grassroots organizers, serious techies and also the #Occupy wave.

Connecting the Dots?

The Digital Media Conference Addresses Activism in the Age of Ubiquitous Surveillance

Recently the activist-lawyer Michelle Alexander encouraged us all “to connect the dots” of militarism, mass incarceration, and mass surveillance. In this spirit, the Freedom and Unfreedom in the Digital Age conference--10/25-27/13 at Lesley University--will be bring together activists and techies to make the connections.

From America’s soaring, world-leading rates of imprisonment (north of 700/100,000 residents), to its astonishing deportations (set to top 2 million in 2014), to the continuing Snowden revelations, we have a dystopian present. But the story gets worse.

Video & Media Activism Bootcamp

New York-based artist and filmmaker, Chloe Smolarski plans to open the Digital Media Conference with a special workshop on how grassroots movements can use images to tell their stories. She'll have you working with readily available tools in this workshop. Chloe welcomes participation by beginners; she notes that "no technical knowledge" is needed. Just bring your smartphone! Check out her trailer to the video, Admissions, which builds on the stories of undocumented students claiming their voice and their rights, here.

Opening Plenary to Detail "Unfreedom"

Speakers Connect NSA, Repression, Deportations, Surveillance, Mass Incarceration & Over-Zealous Prosecutions

Among the conference's opening speakers are three seasoned activists: Gregg Housh, Kade Crockford and Alfredo Lopez. In their turn, each has had to confront the global surveillance and "national security" state. Gregg Housh is popularly known as a public face of the Anonymous movement; Kade Crockford challenges the growing surveillance state and defends core First and Fourth Amendment and due process rights in her work at the Massachusetts ACLU; Alfredo Lopez's May First/People Link powered tech systems for the #Occupy movement and today resolutely defends the tech infrastructure of hundreds of organizations against incursions. 

Alfredo Lopez on the NSA: "They rip the locked doors off all internet privacy..."

Writing in Counterpunch, May First/People Link director and confirmed Digital Media Conference plenary speaker Alfredo Lopez surveys the most recent revelations about the National Security Agency (NSA) and comes to the sad but uncontestable conclusion that, "[NSA's programs] rip the locked doors off all Internet privacy and make the application of Constitutional rights impossible." Alfredo who will be a plenary speaker at our conference, illustrates this by looking at how the NSA has undermined the (no-longer-so) Secure Sockets Layer (or SSL) protocol. It is something that we all depend on when we log into our Gmail or email services, or when we connect to our banks, or buy tickets online [notice how the "http" in our browsers' address bars switch to "https" when we have a "secure" connection].  By building "backdoors" into encryption protocols, the NSA not only lets itself in and allows its various sub-contractors and their temp employees in, but also leaves the door open for other big entities with sufficient resources, governments, big corporations, and organized crime. We look forward to exploring this further at the conference with Alfredo.

Michelle Alexander Connects the Dots!

Reminds Us that Mass Incarceration, the Surveillance State, & Militarism are Part of the Same Story

A recent FB post by renowned activist-writer-lawyer, Michelle Alexander (The New Jim Crow), aligns completely with our conference's objectives. She reminds us that it is no longer possible to adopt the "staying in my lane" mentality.


Third Digital Media Conference: Freedom and Unfreedom in the Digital Age, Friday, October 25 - Sunday, October 27, 2013 @ Lesley University. Bringing together grassroots activists, unionists, techies, academics & thinkers for a weekend on hands-on, practical workshops and big-picture thinking. Listen to the 5-minute backgrounder and slideshow here.

Print This!

Or not... we'll have copies for you at the conference.

Donna Halper comments on her radio workshop - see the video here.